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Sports Betting at Linesmaker Sportsbook: Sports Betting Lines & Odds.

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7-31-14Philadelphia Phillies1.5(12%)+160(12%)7.0(57%)
7:05 PMWashington Nationals-1.5(88%)-180(88%)7.0(43%)
7-31-14Los Angeles Angels-1.5(24%)-109(56%)9.0(77%)
7:05 PMBaltimore Orioles1.5(76%)-101(44%)9.0(23%)
7-31-14Seattle Mariners1.5(58%)+125(60%)8.5(67%)
7:05 PMCleveland Indians-1.5(42%)-135(40%)8.5(33%)
7-31-14Cincinnati Reds-1.5(41%)-116(61%)6.5(13%)
7:10 PMMiami Marlins1.5(59%)+106(39%)6.5(87%)
7-31-14Minnesota Twins1.5(9%)+185(36%)7.5(85%)
8:10 PMKansas City Royals-1.5(91%)-220(64%)7.5(15%)
7-31-14Toronto Blue Jays-1.5(44%)-157(86%)9.0(94%)
8:10 PMHouston Astros1.5(56%)+142(14%)9.0(6%)
7-31-14Pittsburgh Pirates-1.5(58%)-123(69%)8.5(55%)
9:40 PMArizona Diamondbacks1.5(42%)+113(31%)8.5(45%)
7-31-14Atlanta Braves1.5(12%)+195(15%)6.0(41%)
10:10 PMLos Angeles Dodgers-1.5(88%)-230(85%)6.0(59%)
8-1-14Philadelphia Phillies0.0()+190(0%)7.5(0%)
7:05 PMWashington Nationals0.0()-225(100%)7.5(100%)
8-1-14Seattle Mariners0.0()+115(22%)8.5(90%)
7:05 PMBaltimore Orioles0.0()-135(78%)8.5(10%)
8-1-14Texas Rangers0.0()+155(55%)8.5
7:05 PMCleveland Indians0.0()-175(45%)8.5
8-1-14Colorado Rockies0.0()+185(0%)9.0
7:05 PMDetroit Tigers0.0()-220(100%)9.0
8-1-14Cincinnati Reds0.0()-120(0%)7.0
7:10 PMMiami Marlins0.0()even(100%)7.0
8-1-14San Francisco Giants0.0()even(19%)7.0
7:10 PMNew York Mets0.0()-120(81%)7.0
8-1-14Los Angeles Angels0.0()-105(95%)8.0
7:10 PMTampa Bay Rays0.0()-115(5%)8.0
8-1-14Toronto Blue Jays0.0()-120(97%)9.0
8:10 PMHouston Astros0.0()even(3%)9.0
8-1-14Minnesota Twins0.0()+225(0%)7.5
8:10 PMChicago White Sox0.0()-270(100%)7.5
8-1-14Milwaukee Brewers0.0()+150(58%)7.0
8:15 PMSt. Louis Cardinals0.0()-170(42%)7.0
8-1-14Kansas City Royals0.0()+180(80%)7.5
9:35 PMOakland Athletics0.0()-215(20%)7.5
8-1-14Pittsburgh Pirates0.0()-1159.0
9:40 PMArizona Diamondbacks0.0()-1059.0
8-1-14Chicago Cubs0.0()+185(100%)7.0
10:10 PMLos Angeles Dodgers0.0()-220(0%)7.0
8-1-14Atlanta Braves0.0()-140(100%)7.0(0%)
10:10 PMSan Diego Padres0.0()+120(0%)7.0(100%)
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